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Jenna:1, Pam: not so much

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

If you’re like me, when you hear that a friend, relative, nemesis, or even a complete stranger has competed in a sporting event, you get curious.  You start to worry; what if they’re faster than me?  No… no, it can’t be possible.   To ease your fears, you begin to stalk them- I’m talking on-line race results stalking (only).  You know the drill; you go to the race website, click on results and either ease your worries or confirm your greatest fear.


Need some inspiration?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

You think you’ve got it easy and then, when you’re near the end of a 20 mile run, or a 15 mile run (or even a 6 mile run) you feel terrible.  You feel like giving up and walking home.  You take on a “woe is me” attitude and the run ends up being much less spectacular than anticipated. Somedays runs and workouts are hard because you may not have eaten well the day before, or you’re too stressed out with work or bosses, or because of something a friend said, or the fact that you forgot to order new shoes (and now the knees hurt), or whatever.  The possibilities of “things that can ruin a run’ seem endless.   (more…)

Why Tri?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Sometimes, when we get stressed out and bogged down in life and in training, we wonder why we are even out there and why we even bother pushing ourselves from day to day (while the rest of the world seems to sit by and watch).   Sometimes it helps to pause, step back, and reflect on why you make the sacrifices you do for your sport.  What’s the reason behind all of your hard work?  What are the rewards?  What is your inspiration?

And sometimes it helps to consider what keeps other people moving forward.  Take a moment to check out Jenna’s blog on Chicago Now for some new inspiration, some entertainiment, and to remind yourself that you as an athlete (and all athletes) should be proud of how far you’ve come and never underestimate how far you can go.

Or click here to cruise the reasons, along with photos!

On the road again… soon?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

This morning I watched my dog chasing deer and I was jealous.  No, I don’t have a burning desire to hunt or run after wild animals, I was jealous that she could actually run.  I’m injured and I’m grumpy and irritable because of it (just ask my family and friends).  I’ve been afflicted by my nemesis, patellar tendinitis, and it’s caused me to be sedentary for weeks.  I can’t tolerate biking, don’t even dream of jogging, and to be honest, I don’t swim because I find it intimidating and a chore.  The pain has gotten so bad that I’ve put my goal of running 2009 miles off until 2010 (when I will run 2010 miles) and have even sought out medical advice.  The doctor told me what I already suspected – it’s an  overuse injury- but I needed to make sure it wasn’t more serious.    (more…)

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